And this is why you're still stuck at a job you hate...

Be honest:

Have you sat down and really thought about where you want to take your business this year?

I believe there are quite a few people out there that ramble off their goals without putting real thought into it. I believe many people new to freelancing fail to achieve greatness because they don't really think beyond "I hate my job and I want to quit so I need to money asap."

Previously, I listed my own ambition goals for 2016. But do you know how long I sat there, thinking about my freelance business goals? No, not a few hours.

Try nearly two weeks.

First, I had to think about where I was currently at in my personal life and with my business. Then I had to think about where I wanted to go. And finally, I had to figure out how to get there.

Every goal I created was intentional - it was meant to serve as the stepping stones to  help me achieve my vision of not just where I want my business to be but also how to get there.

Vague goals get you nowhere.

You say, "I want to quit my job by making money as a freelance writer." But six months later, you're saying, "Screw this! I'm not making money online and I got bills!"

But tell me: did you define your niche? Did you establish sample posts in areas geared towards your niche? Did you build a platform? Did you pitch consistently? Did you take time to read about the trends and check out questions people had in your niche so that you would become more knowledgeable? Did you get out there and network?


And this is why six months later you're still working a job you hate.

This is what I want you guys to do. Answer these questions:

  1. What inspired me to want to be my own boss? (Your vision)
  2. Why do I want to start my freelance business? (Also part of your vision)
  3. How will I make my ideals a reality? (Your mission)
  4. What are my goals? (Your objectives)
  5. In order to achieve my goals, what is the one thing that must absolutely, positively happen? (Your keys to success)
  6. In order to make that one thing happen, what kind of strategy to do I need to come up with? (Your marketing strategy)
  7. Considering my technical abilities, financial situation, and time constraints, is this goal feasible? (Validate if this something you can realistically do.)

If you put some real thought into these questions, and answer them honestly, you will discover realistic and achievable business goals that will help down the path to greatness.