I'm a content specialist that uses storytelling to create content that's engaging, unique, and well, just simply great. And I do it as single mother.

Storytelling, for the internet, is a powerful medium that connects with customers on a human level. Take for example this Dove commercial, which had over 10 million views:

This commercial makes no mention of any Dove products. Instead, it tells the story of young girls talking about how much they dislike their curls. Their stories pull at your heartstrings; it makes you want to take these girls and say, “You’re beautiful!”

The commercial goes on to show the girl’s being surprised by their friends and family, all with curly hair and a band in the background playing a happy upbeat song. It makes you smile, happy to see such positive support in these girls’ lives. It gives you the feeling that they will be alright and grow into healthy, well-adjusted young ladies with positive self-image.

However, throughout the commercial, we see Dove’s logo. We see it in the beginning, during the middle, and at the end. Now, even though the product itself was never mentioned, imagine when a customer is walking down the aisle at their local Wal-mart, and they see Dove soap. The customer will re-connect with Dove’s story.

And that’s the key.

Tell a story that connects with your customer on a human level, and when they see or hear your brand, all those feel good emotions come rushing back, increasing the likelihood of a converting a general web user into a potential customer.

But storytelling isn’t all… Despite how good a story may be, you still need to drive to traffic to your blog. How can this be done?
— Raymonda Rice

this is how i do it

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): helps people know your company exist when they search for certain keywords
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO): builds awareness through social media outlets
  • High-quality articles: don’t cheat your customers – give them useful and actionable information to keep them engaged and talking about your product or service

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